Now Booking Editing Sessions for Early 2019

You’ve Done the

Hard Part

Let Me Do the Rest

You’ve spent endless hours pouring your life force into your writing. It’s a bloodied, sweat-drenched tangle of words, but it’s your baby. You’ve obsessively revised and rewritten it dozens of times, and although you can’t stand to look at it any longer, you know it’s not quite ready for your loyal fans. This is where I come in . . .

Copy and Line Editing

Projects Begin at $2000* (or $0.025 Per Word)

*for the average novel length of 80,000 words

This service includes:

a free 1,000-word sample edit

thoughtful and thorough copy and line editing

story & writing notes and professional advice

a personalized style sheet with character profiles

a four-week turnaround time

flexible payment options

complimentary query letter, synopsis, and blurb editing


I address:

spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax

consistency in spelling, hyphenation, numerals, fonts, and capitalization

ambiguous or factually incorrect statements (when possible)

creative content and internal consistency

writing style and language use


In other words, I’ll correct your writing and enhance your voice.

Ready to get started?


I heartily recommend her!

Mikaela is a great line and copy editor. She not only corrects spelling and grammar gaffes but also tells me what’s not working (trust me, I need this), giving me time to improve the manuscript before it goes to print. I’ll definitely be using her services again in the future!

Tracey Edwards

Finance Author