A Step Up Editing

Thoughtful Line and Copy Editing for Creatives

Why You Need an Editor

Professional editing is an investment in the success of your story, your credibility as an author, and the loyalty of your readers.

Your audience should have more than the chance to simply read your story—true fans deserve to intimately understand, be enveloped by, and ultimately be changed by it. A polished, well-rounded manuscript can do just this. Luckily, you don’t have to get there alone.

A Step Up

Whether you have a fantastical fiction novel, an informative blog post, or a how-to book, I can help you be a better writer. Delving to the core of over four million words has taught me key lessons about reaching the reader; I’ve helped countless authors learn these lessons, and I will teach you, too.


As I edit, I recognize patterns in my clients’ writing, which I use to make recommendations for them to consider during future writing endeavors. This allows each author to become more aware of their unique writing style, as well as of the mistakes they’re most commonly making. 


While many editors specialize in one genre, I stick to what I absolutely adore: variety. Not only has it made my job endlessly interesting, but it has also made me better at what I do. This diversity has taught me exactly what matters in a story, no matter the genre.

Why You Want Me

There are many amazing copy and line editors out there, but their styles and strengths are different from mine. If you’re looking for an editor who will make only the necessary changes while offering extensive recommendations to ensure that your vision comes across just the way you want, you’re in the right place. I will fix any errors before your readers see them, and I will make your story–whatever it might be–come across clearly to your intended audience. I will share my advice to help make you a better writer in the future, and I will be right here to support your success, even when our work together is complete. If it sounds like I might be the right match for you, then…

Copy and Line Editing with Advising

$0.02 – $0.05/word*

  • ask for a free 2,500-word sample edit
  • spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, clarity, consistency
  • two rounds of editing
  • four-week guaranteed turnaround time
  • PDF of editor’s notes with writing and story advice
  • unlimited support after editing process

    * ask me about payment plan options