I received her name as a recommendation from another editor, which already speaks volumes of her work.

Mikaela is very professional and has perfected her processes in order to maximize the benefits we receive as writers. Her recommendation led me to the subtitle I have today, and after thousands of edits and a PDF of her high-level notes, I can honestly say Foodalytics has taken a huge step up from where it began to it’s published version today.

Nicholas J. Riebe

Author of Foodalytics, a Data-Driven Approach to Discovering the Healthiest Foods

This is a real talent to be able to ferret out the wheat from the chaff.

Mikaela edited a large novel of mine that may have choked lesser mortals. She delivered within the agreed schedule, and I found her to be a reliable and fastidious editor with wordsmithing skills nothing short of meticulous. Even though the novel was sci-fi based, she was able to see through the technical jargon to the crux of the story. Her attention to detail is impressive, and her comments and footnotes have been instrumental in fixing flaws and discontinuities in my prose and story line. If you thought your grammatical skills were pretty good, wait until you have been edited by Mikaela—you may well change your mind and bow to a master.

Steven Savanna

Sci-Fi Writer

Efficient and professional service!

With a precise eye for detail and disciplined approach to the analysis of grammar, Mikaela is a great editor. I particularly appreciate the patient and understanding way she provides feedback.

In addition to her excellent standards, she obviously takes great care over the manuscripts of her clients and consistently hits deadlines. I can honestly say it was a pleasure working with Mikaela and highly recommend her services to other authors. Without her help, the Anna series would not be as successful as it is.

Lee Alan

Author of Free Bird, Little Bird, and Bird of Prey

What a treat to find an editor I can trust completely!

I have been so happy with Mikaela’s services. True to her deadlines, she has insightful comments on my work and is always available to not only answer my questions, but also offer sourced information about her decisions, making it clear she knows exactly what she’s talking about. Mikaela always has such great advice about changes—some big, some small—that end up making my books more engaging and entertaining. I look forward to reading her comments about my manuscript almost as much as a Kirkus Review. Top notch!

Libby Kirsch

Emmy Award-Winning Journalist, Author of the Stella Reynolds Mystery Series

This was my first time paying real money for an editor. I was worried that this relationship would turn out like many online relationships do and Mikaela would disappear completely or make excuses as to why my book wasn’t finished, yet.  Boy was I wrong! She kept in touch with me and dropped my manuscript into my inbox on the exact day she said she would. My book would not have turned out so well if I hadn’t had it edited properly. Mikaela wrote honest comments that helped me make the changes myself, which helped me to be a better writer. I would definitely recommend Mikaela’s services. She is reliable, honest, and direct. I think any writer would be lucky to nab a spot in Mikaela’s schedule.  Book her right now!

Tracey Pedersen

Non-Fiction Writer Turned Romance Author

I never knew how much work my manuscripts actually needed!

It’s always hard to hire someone you haven’t worked with before, but I’m glad I chose Mikaela. She helped me take my novels to new heights. With her editing and advice, my series will better reach and entertain my readers and sell more copies. If you are deciding whether you need an editor or which to use, talk to Mikaela.

Randy Dyess


I can’t wait to work with her again!

I was very nervous to send my “baby” to a complete stranger, but with English as my second language, I knew some work needed to be done! I contacted Mikaela to edit my first novel, Painting Sky, which would not have been published without her much-needed help. She’s an excellent professional, meets the agreed schedule, is very thorough, and communicates excellently. I already booked her to edit my second novel!

Rita Branches

Young Adult/New Adult Contemporary Romance Author

With Mikaela, I can write the way I want to write!

With terrific attention to detail and knowledge of grammar, Mikaela is easy to work with and always available to answer my questions. She catches all of my mistakes, helping me produce a book I am proud to publish. One of the greatest benefits from working with her is the sense of freedom I now have to just write.

Brian Spangler

Amazon Best-Selling Author

She caught things I hadn’t even thought of!

Mikaela is prompt and professional with reasonably-priced services. She turns around projects faster than most editors and has a great eye for detail and consistency. Thanks to her editing and advice, my books read well and have an edge of realism. I am so glad I found her!

John Grover

Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Author

I heartily recommend her!

Mikaela is a great line and copy editor. She not only corrects spelling and grammar gaffes but also tells me what’s not working (trust me, I need this), giving me time to improve the manuscript before it goes to print. I’ll definitely be using her services again in the future!

Tracey Edwards

Finance Author

Prompt, professional, and very affordable!

Mikaela took on my manuscript after editing a sample for me, and I can say her editing and suggestions have been first class. I encourage anyone out there in need of a new editor to dive right in.

Paul O'Brien

Award-Winning Filmmaker, Best-Selling Author

I can’t say enough great things about her work!

I highly recommend Mikaela; she is a joy to work with. Before I hired her, my book was rejected by Amazon for having too many typos after another company edited it. After Mikaela’s changes, however, it has never gotten criticism again. It’s so important to publish a flawless book, and she makes sure you do just that!

Peggy Trentini

Celebrity Author