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I have been so happy with Mikaela’s work—what a treat to find an editor I can trust completely. She is true to her deadlines, has insightful comments on my work, and is always available to answer my questions, with sourced information about her decisions. For example, I asked several questions about use of commas and semi-colons. She not only answered my grammar questions, but also gave me several links that confirmed her decisions and made it clear she knew exactly what she was talking about. I look forward to getting her comments at the front of my manuscript after she edits it almost as much as a Kirkus Review. Always such great advice about changes—some big, some small—that end up making the work that much more engaging and entertaining a read. Top notch!

Libby Kirsch

Emmy Award-Winning Journalist and Author of the Stella Reynolds Mystery Series

This was my first time paying real money for an editor. I was worried that this relationship would turn out like many online relationships do and Mikaela would disappear completely or make excuses as to why my book wasn’t finished, yet.  Boy was I wrong! She kept in touch with me and dropped my manuscript into my inbox on the exact day she said she would. My book would not have turned out so well if I hadn’t had it edited properly. Mikaela wrote honest comments that helped me make the changes myself, which helped me to be a better writer. I would definitely recommend Mikaela’s services. She is reliable, honest, and direct. I think any writer would be lucky to nab a spot in Mikaela’s schedule.  Book her right now!

Tracey Pedersen

Non-Fiction Writer Turned Romance Author

It’s always hard to pull the trigger and use someone you haven’t worked with before, but I am glad I decided to work with Mikaela. She is helping me take my novels to new heights with her editing and advice–I never knew how much work my manuscripts actually needed. Mikaela has not only edited the manuscript, but she has also given me advice that has led me to rework the first novel of my series and scrap the second novel to redo its outline. I think that, with her advice, my series will reach my readers much better and not only will I entertain them, but I’ll also be able to sell more copies. If you are deciding if you need and editor or which editor to use, talk to Mikaela. Her work on the 1,000 word sample I sent her made up my mind.

Randy Dyess


I contacted Mikaela to edit my first novel, Painting Sky. I was very nervous to send my ‘baby’ to a complete stranger, and with English not being my first language, I knew some work needed to be done! Painting Sky would definitely not be published without her much-needed help. She’s an excellent professional, meets the agreed schedule, is very thorough, and the communication is excellent. I already booked her to edit my second novel and can’t wait to work with her again.

Rita Branches

Young Adult/New Adult Contemporary Romance Author

With terrific attention to detail and knowledge of grammar, Mikaela is easy to work with and always available to answer my questions. She catches all of my mistakes, correcting them and helping me produce a book that I am proud to publish. One of the greatest benefits from working with her is the sense of freedom I now have to just write. I can write the way I want to write, because I know that with each draft, I’m going to be working with Mikaela.

Brian Spangler


I am so glad that I found A Step Up Editing! Mikaela was prompt, professional, and reasonably priced. She turned around two different projects more quickly than most editors, and had a great eye for detail and consistency. She caught things I hadn’t even thought of in my stories that allowed me to rewrite and resolve them quickly. Thanks to her service, I really feel that my books read well, and have an edge of realism.

John Grover

Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Author

Mikaela is a great copyeditor, and I heartily recommend her. Not only is she great at picking up spelling and grammar gaffes, but she also knows how to kick my butt and tell me what’s not working (trust me, I need this), giving me time to improve the manuscript before it goes to print. I’ll definitely be using her again in the future.

Tracey Edwards

Finance Author

Mikaela offered to edit (for free) some work on Kindle Boards, and from that sample, I asked her to take my manuscript on as a piece of work. Well, I can say that the service and edit suggestions have been first class. Prompt, professional, and very affordable. I encourage anyone out there who is looking for a new editor to dive right in.

Paul O'Brien

Award-Winning Filmmaker and Best-Selling Author

I highly recommend A Step Up Editing. Mikaela was a joy to work with; I can’t say enough great things about her work. My book was edited once by another company and it was rejected by Amazon for having too many typos. After Mikaela’s changes, it never got any criticism again. It is so important to publish a flawless book and Mikaela makes sure you do just that!

Peggy Trentini

Celebrity Author

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